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WE DO. High performance Components


- Pattern making and tooling
- Prepreg composites
- Preforms comoposites (FormPreg)
- Resin Infusion composites
- Bonding & Assembly
- Low Volume Manufacturing
-Modular assembly lines
- Fabrication
- Machining
- Finishing [of both tooling and composite products]

We are not just a composites facility, built from the ground up to supply unparalleled capabilities to our customers, we thrive on delivering interesting and challenging projects. Utilising our background experience in high performance product development, motorsport engineering and niche vehicle concept creation, our core company thrives on developing and creating the best products and offering the highest quality service.

We are continually developing a range of innovative processes and production methods which sets us apart from other companies. If you are looking for product development, prototype creation or low volume manufacturing of any product, be it a vehicle, a piece of air freight equipment, or bespoke furniture. then we are the company for your next project. Contact us today!


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