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- 3D Solid Modelling
- Pattern & Tooling design
- Carbon fibre 3d printing design of direct tools and jigs
- FE Analysis
- Process developers
- Mixed materials specialists
- Production Intent Engineering
- 5 Axis Machining partners

BAMD's Concept, Design, and Engineering abilities push boundaries through our ingrained capacity for creative thinking. Our extensive engineering experience enables us to create elegant and innovative design solutions for all project briefs.

Our design team are flexible in their approach, working in partnership with customers or with minimal customer input, they will identify the right technology, material and product solution for the end application. We utilise existing technologies as well as developing new innovative processes to deliver the ultimate solution for durability, performance and budget.

From product concept, design and stress analysis our knowledge and experience in mechanical design allows us to get from an idea to a production intent product in the most efficient time scale. Contact us to discuss your next project. 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein
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